Tax Law

For TRUST law firm the area of tax law, in particular tax optimization of commercial activity in Belarus, is the Firm’s sphere of the legal activity, which is performed still since the beginning of the 90th. For more than 20 years main partners of the Firm have been repeatedly recognized as the best Belarusian lawyers in this area by the international ratings.

Today the Firm renders the following legal services in the sphere of tax law:

  • Tax optimization of commercial activity of national enterprises and foreign companies including their representative offices on the territory of Belarus;
  • Consultation on the tax legislation at implementation of commercial transactions, including transactions in the area of construction and real estate;
  • Consultation on questions of the taxation of legal entities (residents and nonresidents) in Belarus;
  • Legal examination and preparation of the legal conclusion of actions and passed decisions of tax authorities;
  • Tax planning, according to the legislation of the Customs union, the Euroasian economic union and the Republic of Belarus;
  • Consultation of foreign subjects on payment of taxes to the Republic of Belarus with the purpose to avoid the double taxation;
  • Involvement of the best advocates in disputes resolution, concerning tax law;
  • Representation of interests of clients at tax audits.