Legal services

TRUST law firm is engaged in preparation of written conclusions, concerning application of norms of national and international law, preparation of contracts about the current activity of business entity, and also contracts with foreign economic entities. The Firm renders assistance in registration and liquidation of companies of all organizational and legal forms.

TRUST is widely known for consultation on questions of the investment law, transactions with real estate and construction, the commercial and tax law.

The sphere of dispute resolutions, where TRUST takes leading positions on rendering professional and productive services, was always the most strong.

Provision of services can be based on:

  • subscriber services (throughout certain time daily on any legal questions);
  • single legal service (the single address on a specific question, is carried out according to an hourly rate);
  • corporate representation (creation of the legal entity, preparation of corporate documents on the basis of the power of attorney);
  • representation in economic/arbitration court (preparation of judicial/pre-judicial documents, selection of the advocate for representation in court);
  • due diligence, legal audit (studying of documents of a company, history, licenses/permissions, labor relations, preparation of conclusion with the work description).