Labor Law

TRUST law firm since the beginning of the activity has taken a stake on consultation of employers and maximum legal protection of their interests. Today the Firm has a huge experience in representation of interests of employers both national enterprises, and international companies in the solution of any problems connected with the labor legislation.

Lawyers of TRUST law firm offer employers services in the sphere of labor law of the following character:

  • Consultations concerning dismissal, payment, training, labor discipline;
  • Development of effective models of protection of employers from possible risks, including risks of disclosure of confidential information by employees;
  • Consultations concerning conclusion and termination of employment contracts and agreements;
  • Preparation and drafting of employment contracts and agreements, including contracts with directors and members of governing bodies;
  • Preparation of projects of local acts of enterprises, including duty regulations, internal working rules, provision on an order and conditions of conclusion, extension and renewal of contracts with employees;
  • Drafting of orders and documents regulating an order of responsibility and an order of encouragement of workers;
  • Consultations and representation of interests of clients during implementation of inspections of supervisory authorities, concerning legitimacy of labor relations with workers.